Our Focus is Simple

Baby Steps Infant and Toddler Care, a full-day childcare program for children under 3.  We believe in the potential of play and instruct primarily through structured versions of it.  It allows children to imitate adult behaviors, practise motor skills, process emotional events, and learn much about the world around them without them ever realizing it.  

Our Program: Play is the way

At Baby Steps Infant and Toddler Care, we believe that infants and toddlers learn through play.  We believe in the potential of children.  Infants and toddlers are all active learners: they learn through experiences that involve them.  We would like to help them in fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, language, emotional and social development by playing, talking and interacting with the children.  Therefore, our jobs at Baby Steps include providing a safe environment and giving children a chance to practice what they are learning through play. 

Curriculum: Child-centred – Integrated Theme-based and Emergent Curriculum

We teachers introduce a new topic or theme but follow the children’s lead as much as possible.  This way provides more opportunities for children to explore the world they may not have experienced yet (by introducing the topic), and then children develop from exploring what is relevant, interesting, and personally meaningful to them (Emergent curriculum).

Early Childhood Educators

Baby Steps Infant and Toddler Care complies with the Child Care Licensing Regulation in obtaining all appropriate documents from each employee prior the first day of work.  All teachers hold a license to practice, first aid certificate, criminal record check and a physician’s note indicating the individual can work with children.  


Our top priority is the safety of your child.  We want to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment so that children are free to discover and explore the world around them.  Children are supervised at all times, and communication between staff is essential to the safety of all children in our care.  Staff are required to do periodic head counts, and attendance records must be accurate. The teacher-to-child ratio will never exceed 1:4.